A Paradox of Sorts

I thoroughly enjoy a good paradox. By sheer definition it's a pair of opposites that holds truth. Even the definition is a paradox. It excites my inner philosophy to explore beneath the surface. I believe that extremes often find guilt in a common place. For instance, because I'm an educational therapist: no child left behind.... Continue Reading →


Expectations in the morning

The work has begun. Early. I awoke very early this morning with the looming thought of, "What have I just done?" The feeling of immediate regret leads to a mild panic. I just asked for approval. That is exactly what I didn't want to do. I got ahead of myself. I think big. I think... Continue Reading →

First Step

"When someone you love is dying, you're dying." - Viola Davis For months now, I've had cravings. Not your, or my, typical hankering a for chocolate, ice cream, or any other mouth watering treat; although, the local ice cream parlor has been my therapy this summer. I've craved the beach and it's clear waters to... Continue Reading →

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