Not cool.

I am not cool. This is not to say that I’m not kick ass.  But, cool? Nope.

I am not trendy.  I’m classic, and even “basic,” gasp! Granted this is mostly out of necessity as I’m a working mom short on the time and money needed to be stylish. I don’t enjoy getting trashed in the bars until the morning hours. I’d much rather be snuggling with my loves in my jammies on a Saturday night. Sure, I like to go out and have fun, but I can’t stand the small talk and social games that are so often required in such instances. I’m more interested in discussing topics that matter:  environmental concerns, politics, religion, philosophy, poverty, life, love, death, all of those topics which are considered taboo and swiftly bring down a party.

I don’t brag about my children.  I should, I could, but I don’t.  I don’t post about my day, my accomplishments, my needs, my wants. I just go and do them. I value personal, private exchanges with people who value me. They are even better with eye contact. I’m not interested in pretend relationships with those who are too quick to make assumptions, judge, and insult. I refuse to aboard a bandwagon, with the exception of an invitation from a group of talented musicians.  This has caused my circle of friends to dwindle by chance and choice. Definitely, not cool. I will not shout. I will not demand your attention. I will write, paint, sculpt, dance, create, and love. Cool?  Maybe, maybe not. Awesome?  Yes. Brave?  Yes.

People do not hold a curiosity for me. I do not peak their interest. I hold no mystery, because I’m genuine and transparent. In the age of plastic, authenticity is bad ass. I tell the truth. The truth hurts. The truth saves.  The truth is not always cool, but it is at the human foundation, along with loyalty. I am, possibly, all too loyal. I will be there when you need me. Even when you have turned away in my need, I will reach out. This does not make me a doormat. This makes me kind. I have an extremely soft spot for people in need. I may not be the one to give you shelter, but I will find a shelter for you. I’m the one folks turn to for that shoulder to cry on, but don’t invite to the party. Cool? You guessed it, nope. Strong?  YES.

My intention is not to convince how incredibly amazing I am, although all of the evidence I presented does suggest that it may be true. My intention, is to encourage all of us to see beyond the cool, to see real beauty under the surface. Seeing what hides beneath brings knowledge, which brings empathy and advancement. To see one another’s gifts and flaws is to see ourselves in one another. It is through my pain that I know others’ pain. It is through my own joy that I know joy is possible for all, regardless of what they show me. All pain deserves to be recognized. All pure joy deserves to be relished. Even the cool are deeply flawed, and the troubled are often tender and vulnerable. We can celebrate our differences, knowing that our common threads are what bind, no matter their colors.

Look beyond the facade to see the truth. Peak under the mask, reach out, and peer through the cracks to see that we all have our troubles, needs, and something to offer. Sympathize not only with the publicized, but also with those who silently endure. Progress is unobtainable if we seek only what is visible. The light in me, the light in you; Namaste.


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