Put down your worry.
Loosen your grip.
Let it melt away.

You’ve come so far on your own in the dark. No longer do you need to feel burdened, I am here with you now.
It’s time to take shelter, it’s time to heal and refuel your soul.

I will blanket you with care, and give you what you need.
Fill up your cup.
Breathe it in.
Take the offering of comfort.
You are where you belong.



My hands are full
I can’t carry anymore
Morning coffee has dried
The afternoon awaits
Soon the day will pass
And begin again
Catch the glimpse before it slips away
There’s a constant give and take
Gain and loss
We only hope to break even in the end
Our tender hearts
Lost to the world
Fragile and deep
Truth to find
Love to cure


Tears through the tunnels,
I travel with clay on my shoes.
Prayers said, crosses made.
Up in the clouds only closer to you
With the bounty below, the perspective clears and the fear weans.
His majesty, His grace are ever present.
Thanks be given,
Our souls protected.

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