Be a Friend

Be a friend. Show up. Be there to look someone in the eyes, to see their pain as to say, “I’m with you. I see your hurt and I care.”

Be a friend. Show up. Be there to offer a glance, a smile, a hand, a shoulder, or a perhaps a drink. Put forth the effort to invest in someone else. Put their needs first. Anything you are able offer will resinate and be deeply valued.

Be a friend. Show up. Sit with them. Talk or be quiet. Be there with them, because your presence may be the only thing they have to hold onto. You may be their lifesaver.

Be a friend. Show up. Check in with them when they are quiet. Just a greeting may provide enough validation and encouragement to brighten their day. See through the loudness of their antics to feel their intentions. Respect them as your intentions deserve respect.

Be a friend.  Show up.  As life’s challenges swirl us around, be that constant.  Change is inevitable and one of life’s greatest certainties, but having a steady rock to rest upon is necessary to our survival.  Each of us need a rest from time to time.  Be that rock.

Be a friend. Show up. Celebrate their joys as if they were your own. Delight in their accomplishments. Anticipate along with them in those times of excitement and hope. Throw away your ego, as to not allow it to blind you to your friend’s purest beauty.

Be a friend. Show up. In good times and bad, be there.  No one is truly an island. Let love transcend colors, geography, and deadlines.  In times of despair, the only cure is love. Love. Love heals. It softens. It holds. It eases the pain to make it just bearable enough. In times of joy, it’s the sweetest icing on the most delicious cake that further enriches the moment. Love. It is our common thread. It is begging to be shared. By nature it demands to be freed and delivered. Imagine the repercussions that would ripple through our communities and cultures, if only we were better friends to one another. How we would be better individuals and societies. Casting away our selfish greed to care for our neighbor knowing they equally care for us.

Be a friend. Show up. We all need a friend. Be that neighbor. Offer what you can. An unsolicited offer is a surprise gift that you give for the absolute purpose of giving, and therefore most valuable. It is unbound love.

Be a friend. Show up. Love blindly. Friends don’t judge. Each of us carry our imperfections. Let us dwell on our faults to punish them, but reward our gifts to allow for growth. Friends are patient and forgiving. Friends laugh and cry together. They relish in the differences and take comfort in their similarities. Be a friend. Show up. Love one another.


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