Why must we choose a side? Why can’t we appreciate what is simply right? By, “right,” I mean, true. Does it care for someone, or does it feed your greed? Does it descend from love, or is it fueled by hate? It really is that simple.

Why is diversity bad, or wrong, or even “unnatural?”  Newsflash, nature is diverse! Why can’t we see the common threads that stitch us together? Why do we see only the color or patterns, instead of feeling the material or the craftsman ship of the weave? We’ve lost the connection, or at least feeling connected.

Debates and arguments fill the headlines, and not just politically. I’m all for an intellectual discussion, but without the judgement. I am fatigued by, ‘I’m right and therefore you’re wrong.’ Just because I believe in something, doesn’t mean I believe in something else. Equally true is the inverse. “We are more than one thing.”*  We all have our virtues and flaws that are true and valid, each actively serving. Why are we so blind to one trait because of another?  Bias is blinding and damning.

The world would be so boring if we were all the same. Not only boring, but I’m sure progress would cease and it would be our end. Why can’t we celebrate our uniqueness instead of casting murderous judgement? There are many times that both sides are wrong, and many times both sides are right, just different. Another newsflash, it is not our job to cast judgement. Yes, we make decisions for ourselves, finding what best serves us personally. However, this practice should not translate to arrogance and judgment.

We are all guilty. The goal and intention is mindfulness of this habit, so we can grow in one another. We are all in this together. Isn’t it time for more togetherness?  United we stand, divided we fall. Our knees are already bloodied by polarized wars. It’s time to pick ourselves up, and learn our lessons now, instead of later. Change begins locally, within ourselves and our families. Learn, make the necessary changes in order to grow.  Choose Love. Be kind.

*All of us are more than one thing. -leslieodomjr #HamildocPBS


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