Wishes in the Wind

Wishes in the wind Make me believe Delicate and free Seed of hope into the unknown A destination of roots to sow Wishes in the wind Much to be seen Miles to go Fly away simple beauty Carry my dream


The Fall Out

There are those times that change you. Good and bad, that alter your being in a way that you are since and forever different than who you were prior. Some moments are slight and others are earth shattering. Equally so is the fall out, the period in which all of the effects of the cause are facing you, demanding your attention. It’s the cleaning and repairing the storm’s devastation. It can be the planning of the next step, or the hope of a new life as it gazes before you in your arms. It’s the now what phase. Barely mentioned is the actual event, let alone is the fall out. As unprepared as I was for the event, the fall out holds a relative disorient.

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