Tunnel Vision

What happens when you’re traveling through a tunnel? The beginning is dark and cold. Fear may set in as you anticipate what may unexpectedly come to you. You can’t see around you, or where you are going. You simply trust the forward momentum and keep traveling. Slowly the light at the end begins to shine through and illuminates your path.

Each of us in some degree, from time to time travel through our own tunnel. When we do, we are separate from the outside world. As dark as it maybe, the tunnel provides safety and secure shelter. We are in our own world, unaware to the happenings outside. Sometimes, this is exactly where we need to be. Other times, the shelter creates division and ignorance. We are then lost and trapped by our fears. In the tunnel we are blinded by our own selfishness. We are preoccupied by our own troubles, unaware of others’ trials and tribulations. We only know the walls that surround and hold us captive.

What happens we take those first steps out of our tunnels, into the light, to be with one another? Judgment fades, empathy grows, and connections deepen. We become present for one another, without shadows to hide in. We are fearlessly whole in the open light. We start to pick up our burdens, sharing the weight together. We shed the divisive boundaries that once held us apart in order to reunite.

Letting go is proving to be harder, more painful, and frightening than I ever previously assumed. I was lost in my own tunnel. Now, the light trickling in leads me to believe I’m nearing the end, but I still can’t see what lies ahead. My steps are still uncomfortable, but I continue. Taking the time and lessons I need and letting go of what I don’t, I move closer to the light.


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