Drops of Vitamin Sea & D

My impatient expectations set me up for failure, not for improvement or love. Instead, I now realize that healing sometimes comes in drops, and with it comes giving the space needed for patience and acceptance.


Day of Return

Information overload. Good ideas, but there's no hope for follow through. There's too much. Frustration in lack of effective change. Culminating passion, fatigue, stuck in mid level, status quo. This summarizes my first day of teacher in service. It was a return to the busy. The return to pressures and demands. All of it left me... Continue Reading →

Observing Common Threads

Not without hesitation, but refusing to stay silent I present this essay.  I have no intent in engaging a debate or insulting anyone.  My intent is to highlight a common theme and send a message of love and understanding. Recent national events have stirred up controversy and highlighted deep seeded wounds. Over the past several... Continue Reading →

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