Responding With Love

The headlines breed fear, disgust, and anger. When disagreements arise, it’s easy to choose a side and stand firm, armed with stubborn blindness. Daily, the American politics stir the pot of domestic and foreign affairs. With a dash of narcissism, pinch of hypocrisy, one part control, and a smidge of doom, the power-hungry chefs prepare the feast of hate. And so the guests arrive, each adorned in their fitting attire. With signs in hand and emblems on their sleeves, they dine and plot.

What is the counter strike? It is love. Love is calling to be delivered. Mercy and Grace are ready and waiting in the wings. Friends, now is not the time for silence. Instead speak and live in kindness. Give failure to hate. When met with the positive, the negative neutralizes. Be the light that does not cast shadows, but reaches into the darkness to offer support. Give love that nourishes your brothers and sisters.

We are not called to agree. We are called to love one another. Where there is hate, love is the comfort. Where there is fear, love begs to be the focus. Greed, fear, hate, and pain have only one antidote. Using one to answer the other is foolish. Only love’s trifecta of kindness, patience, compassion cures the troubled. We must teach kindness and practice patience in order to thrive, especially during such turbulent and divisive times.

Friends, be the light. Be the love. Love one another. Share the message of kindness in your works.  Peace be with you.


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