Spread Love

Words are not enough. Prayers help. Actions are needed. Slowly and steadily our society has become broken. We can point our fingers and place blame all day for days at a time. What I believe to be at the center is the devalued soul.

We have placed worth on things instead of one another. We crave power. We manipulate to gain money and control. We are driven by our ego to revenge wrongs and achieve the ultimate successes. Pride is rampant. Kindness seems to be at an all time low. Worse yet, we have rewarded such behavior. We have repeatedly sacrificed and trampled our fellow man to serve ourselves.

Truly, LOVE IS THE SOLUTION. Love is the only antidote to hate.  Light breaks darkness.  We must place each other’s best interests before our own destructive selfishness. We must allow logic, along with compassion, to govern. We must heal the wounds that we have cut. It starts with the smallest and grandest gestures.

Less gossip. Less judging. More door holding and friendly greetings. More neighborhood picnics. More connections. Less dehumanizing. Fair healthcare. Maternity/Paternity leaves to foster healthy infant development. Consumer protections. Fair wages. Foods that are not grown or filled with chemicals. Less glorification of violence acts. More celebrations of goodwill’s successes. More intelligent discussions without name calling. This is what WE need.

Let us start now. Go. Love. Speak with kindness for all to hear. Be the light.


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