On the Eve of a Summer Solstice

 It’s been awhile since I’ve truly enjoyed the seasons.  I look forward to the shifts in weather, the air crisping or warming, the first rainbow and snowflake.  It’s been awhile since I was able to pause, enjoy the moment, and breathe in the natural moment of Mother Nature’s offerings. I’ve been busy, stressed, and grieving. ... Continue Reading →


A Storm’s Invitation

Come wind Come rain Rolling thunder sweep Tremble my soul Summon me to rest on the earth below Showers drench from Heavens above your omnipotence divine Pelt and penetrate Saturate and heal From your passing I may then arise anew


Among the flowers and weeds, somewhere in between, is where I sit; hidden under their leaves and holding onto their stems. With whom do I belong? For which one am I? Will I be so sly as to escape the weed's deadly grasp? Am I strong enough to grow tall and bloom, or will I... Continue Reading →

Saving Daylight

I awoke by the sunshine. The beams of light streamed through my window to gently greet me, welcoming me to the day. Rarely do I wake feeling the potential of what the day may bring. Usually, I drag myself out of bed by obligation. Today, I was met with light. Bright, yellow-white light against a... Continue Reading →

Hazards of Marrying a Thinking Woman

Thinking wives are high maintenance. Though, not in a superficial, materialistic sort of way. More so, in the psychological and emotional arena. As a thinking wife myself, I felt it would only be fair to give fair warning as to what marriage may entail if you choose a thinker. Thinking women come with our own... Continue Reading →

The Self-Reliance Myth

I was wrong.  I knew I was wrong all along.  I saw doubt’s shadow in the corner.  Instead, I pretended not to see it.  I kept going.  I invested determination and hope that I could not only become self reliant, but that I also needed to be self-reliant.  I wrote about it.  I lived it,... Continue Reading →

Wise Attraction

Laws of attraction are in full effect and I’m reminded of “Messages Received,” and “Wise Attraction,” as I’m once again feeling those guiding forces. I previously wrote these essays due to receiving signs, messages, or nudges in such synchronicity that made them impossible to ignore. Again, I’m hearing and feeling those messages so loudly at a time when I most need their guidance. Today, my heart filled with gratitude, as my spirit is rejuvenated when I added up all the latest stimuli from the past week.

“Wise Atteaction” is below and “Messages Received” can be found at the given link.


*photo credit by littleposy

little posy

Why now? Why now am I being bombarded by learning of new authors? Why now have I met a new acquaintance who is a writer? That universe….I’m starting to believe that all the new age hype is true. Once you open yourself up to the possibilities, the universe answers. I had always been a doubter. What about those who are suffering abuse, trauma, and illness? Wouldn’t they get better if they only asked? Nonsense.

However, I am beginning to believe that when it comes to self growth and becoming your true self, ask and you will receive. Open your heart, ask, and become.  Repeat as necessary.

God teaches in pain, during recovery, and in joy. He is ever present, asking us to receive Him, his teachings, and blessings. Over the last month, the law of attraction has been in full effect.  This began only after I took a leap out of…

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He Hears It All

Have you ever prayed a half prayer? You know, when your heart whispers it, and your mind only kind of thinks it. You hope God is listening, but maybe not fully. Maybe, you’re afraid to ask. Maybe, you think He is too busy with much more important and pressing concerns such as global warming, political... Continue Reading →

Unheard No Longer

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. And I’m especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. Each of us in this room are celebrated because of the... Continue Reading →

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